The IAM Test

According to research carried out by the IAM late last year .... ADVANCED RIDING IS FUN !

  • 94% said it improved how they use road space
  • 94% said their riding is smoother
  • 90% said their riding is more conscious and less automatic
  • 61% said that it helped them avoid an accident and ……
  • 97% think that taking the advanced test has helped to increase the enjoyment they get from riding !

Recognising that the majority of accidents are caused by driver error, the IAM introduced the Advanced Driving Test in 1956 with the specific objective of significantly improving driving standards. By 1976 the number of motorcyclists in the UK had risen dramatically, so the IAM launched the Advanced Motorcycling Test to cater for those road users too.

The tests use the principles of advanced riding, pioneered and applied with great success by the Metropolitan Police, and are accredited by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). All tests are taken by IAM Examiners who hold a Police Advanced Riding qualifications and have extensive experience working with Police Services throughout the UK.

The tests are not exclusively about safety, but to encourage the driver or rider to feel more confident on the road and to get greater enjoyment from the experience, which the lastest survey proves to be true !

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Test Pass - Nathan Turner

Congratulations to Nathan Turner who passed his @IAMRoadSmart ARC test Friday 18 Oct 19 in atrocious weather. Thanks to @DWDAM_News Observers Graham Pinney and Alan Bushaway for guiding Nathan to test standard and to National Observer Kelvin Latham for conducting his Pre Test Ride Check.


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