Test Passes 

Well done & congratulations to the following who have passed their test in 2018:

Dave Woodhouse - January

Mitch Staley-Crouch; Craig Shafford - April


Simon Gudgeon - January

David Allen - February

Stephen Baker - March

Andy Burton - April

Wes Fry - June

Leon Jennings - July

Alan Lindley - July

Chris Webber; Steve Kershaw - August

Roxanne Mack; Kirsten Wareham - October

William Adams; Annie Henschel; Giles Henschel - November

John Bingham; Peter Bradley, Reg Pengelly, Debbie Warren - December


Ian Lingwood - December

Henry Ridge (F1st) - October

An (F1st) pass is attained by achieving a score of 1 in every category. Examiners have the discretion to recommend a candidate even if they score a '2' in no more than three categories ( Note: Legality & Slow Manouevring must score a '1')

Janet Short - October

Jeremy Tasker - July

Mark Oborne - July

Frank Lea - June

Chris Kaye - June

Steve Dewland - April

David Lea - March

Brian Purnell - Masters (Distinction)


‚ÄčTimothy Allan, Steven Barnes, Roy Callaway, Philippa Dobinson, Simon Dobinson, Jim Leese, Ray Pering, Hilary Perris, Duncan Perks, Duncan Robins, Paul Rychnovsky (F1st),  Tony Stirling, Brian Taylor,  

Linda Ashmore - Masters (Distinction)

Peter Robbins - Masters


Lee Davey, Nick Heape, Spencer Johns, John Laffan, Sheonagh Ravensdale, Kim Sneddon,Tony Stoate,


Mike Branagan, Kevin Butcher, Austin Kinnane, Jonathan Lane, Tim Last, Adrian Mead, Richard Poskitt, Keith Starr, Andy Stratton


Dave Avery, Robert Bray, Dick Catton, Phil Catton, Mike Childs, Lewis Coates, Ron Harrington, Jim Hill (re-take for an F1st) Stuart Holland, Pat King, Neil Pinch, Peter Robbins, Kestrel Simson, Tony Steel (F1st), Debbie Warren, Tony Warren, Jim Williams, Mark Wilson.


Tim Archer, Darren Baker, Mike Biss, Lea Brindle, Paul Clark, David Cobb, Martin Cook, Guy Dickinson, Darin Evans, Keith Jeffrey, Roger Jones, David Luke, Owen Morris, Ian Raby, Mike Rowland, Phillip Summers, Ian Tate, Andrew Thomson, Jeremy Weekes (F1st), Brian Williamson,


Graeme Ashmore, Carl Bowtell, Geoff Brazier, Jude Brooks, Graham Chase, Len Cook, Malcolm Drew, Gary Edwards, Jonathan Evans, Dominic Fitchett, Neil Fuller, Paul Greenough, John Henshaw, Martyn Henson, David Jesney, Fred Kennedy, Ian Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Doug Lambert, David Lucas, Dough Lefeber, Nic Lonsdale, Phil Maeer, George Meades, Dave Plowman, Jonthan Stewart-Davis, Hazel Thorpe, Tony Thorp, James Tonge, Thomas Trengove, Ted Webb, Lara Webster, Stephen Wooff, Rob Young


Linda Ashmore, Nic Ashmore, Graham Beckram, Chris Burton, Steve Crouch, Perry Donnolly, David Drysdale, Martin Eldridge, Stephen Forder, Bruce Graeme-Cook, Mike Groves, Derek Harris, Jim Hill, Dave Matthews, John O’Leary, Graig Prest, Terry Ryall, Adrian Tamone, Martin Warden, Steve White, Sandra Wooff


John Challis, Wendy David, Roy Fox, Tevor Howells, Jim Humphries, Paul Keohane, Brian Midgley, Garry Poole, Tim Reynolds


Pete Anderson, Bill Beaumont, Paul Common, Dick Dampier, Richard Knight, Russell Simms


Russell Chaffey, Charles Crowe, Alan Muncaster, Kevin Pope, Pete Smith

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