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SLOW RIDING TECHNIQUES: Hints on practicing slow riding 

FULL CONTROL:  This is adapted from an original booklet published by the Norsk Motorcykkel Union and used by the IAM on their track Skills Day.  It's the theory behind being able to handle your bike safety round bends.

FULL CONTROL PART I:  A two part, shorter version, of the above covering some of the essential parts.


SPARKLE:  Doug Miners says he looks for the four S's: Safety; Smooth; System and Style.  Peter Wood, an IAM Senior Observer, calls it 'Sparkle'.

SEE & BE SEEN: Precis of an article by a fighter pilot about our ability to see.  Understanding the theory behind 'how we see' in order to improve our observation.


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Test Pass - Jay Hart

Congratulations to Jay Hart who passed his @IAMRoadSmart Advanced Riding Test today 4 Apr 19. Congrats also to Jay's Observer Keith Starr for guiding his first associate to Test Standard since qualifying as an Observer, and National Observer Brian Purnell, who conducted Jay's Pre Test Check Ride. That's Test pass Number 4 for 2019.


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