Meet Up With the Cheddar Group on Sunday Ride out 7th August 2016


A grey and foggy start to the day greeted those who attended yesterdays ride out to Tony Stoate’s place with the visibility reported as particularly bad on the Ridgeway.  A total of six riders departed TOT for Old Sarum Airfield and the weather steadily improved on route and the sun was breaking through on arrival.  However, the coffee stop plans were thwarted as the café was closed due to a vintage aircraft event taking place.  An alternative venue was found at Wilton Shopping Village, not your typical biker hang-out but it fulfilled the need.

Having replenished we then set off down the A30 to Shaftesbury and onward to Tony’s place where the Cheddar group were already making themselves comfortable and Dave Plowman met up with us.  Although there was snooker, darts, skittles and a bar available in what must be the best appointed chicken shed around, most chatted and tucked into the BBQ outside as by this time it the sun was out and it was getting pretty warm. 

Once everyone had sated their thirst and appetite, the two groups headed there separate ways and we had an enjoyable run back to Dorchester and home.

Many thanks to Tony and his brother Eddy for arranging the BBQ and providing the facility and thanks to Steve Baker, Steve Dewland, Ian Lingwood, Dick Catton, Tony Colston and the aforementioned Dave for turning up for the ride-out.


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