Write up of the Ride Out, Sunday 3rd January 2016

Cobweb clearing Ride out Jan 3rd 2016

Despite the forecast being spot on the weather did not deter 8 riders and one plucky pillion from taking the scenic if wet route from Top of Town to The Swan at Abbotsbury for the traditional DWDAM lunch and skittles. The pub did not open till 12 so meeting at 1030 we had two choices, sit in the café at Top of Town steaming the place up for an hour and a half as we dried out having already got wet on the way there or set off with suitable caution on the route.

Not surprisingly being Advanced Motorcyclists we decided the latter was the preferred option.

The water on the roads was certainly deeper and more often across both carriageways than when I carried out the recce on New Years day but the conditions were always in the forefront of our riding plan.

The ability to read the road and the covering water well ahead enhanced by a more circumspect approach speed than the normal road layout would permit meant we occasionally stopped to let oncoming vehicles pass before taking to the offside and the clearer surface but at all times the group stayed together well.

Even the lowest of bikes  - Frank Lea on his Harley - managed without any major issues though he did admit one foot got washed off the foot board in the deepest flooding at Melplash.

The sun did try to break through as we took to the A356 towards Crewkerne but by the time we got back to Bridport the rain had started again.

All arriving safely and exhilarated having taken on the challenge with skill and determination the riders and pillion were joined by two other members who took the 4 wheel option to meet us at the Swan at 1200. Choosing from the extensive menu did cause some consternation as seemingly quick choices were arriving after the more complex ones but I would not want a Chef’s job at anytime! All suitable refreshed the Skittles commenced, three hands of standard skittles saw Geoff Brazier triumph over Brian Purnell and Nick Heape. The highly prized ‘Killer’ round saw Brian adopting a cunning plan and coming out the winner despite his assertion that he never played before – he’s obviously a quick leaner or just very competitive!

We finished up about 1400 and rode our separate ways in bright sunshine as predicted.

Thank you to all that attended and despite the odd unfortunate comment or two that have appeared on social media around our carrying on with the ride the attendees all enjoyed the ride, learnt something about their riding and their bikes in a supportive and safe environment with friends, surely that’s what biking is all about?..



Jeremy Weekes, Nick Heape, Jude Brooks, Neil Fuller (and Cheryl  Harmer as pillion), Geoff Brazier, Frank Lea, Graham Pinney and Brian Purnell – joining at the pub Mike Groves and Tony Stoate.

47 Miles covered in 1 Hour 20 minutes, Weather conditions very wet for 755 of the ride with flooding in some places.

Pictures for Web site from Cheryl and Jude, video from Neil of the worst flooding already loaded on DWDAM Facebook page.


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