To Paul Rychnovsky who took his test on 1st Octber and was awarded an F1st pass and to his observer Linda Ashmore.

An F1st pass is attained by achieving a score of '1' in every category. The examiner has the discretion to recommend a candidate even if they score a '2' in no more than three categories. (Note: Legality and Slow Manouevring must score a '1'.)


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Test Pass - Gareth Jones
Another @IAMRoadsmart Advanced Rider Course Test Pass for 2018 - That's test Pass 10 this year. Congrats to Gareth Jones and @DWDAM_News observer @jeremy_weekes.


Test Pass - Dave Cake
Another @IAMRoadsmart Advanced Rider Course Test Pass for 2018. Congrats to Dave Cake and @DWDAM_News observer Kelvin Latham.


Slow Riding Day - Sunday 13 Oct - POSTPONED
Due to the worsening weather forecast and in the interest of safety, @DWDAM_News Slow Riding Day is postponed.


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