Observers' Training Update

What do you do once you have passed your test ?  

Continue to learn - you now know what you should be doing and can do it all, but it probably still takes quite a bit of concentration.  Over time all the skills will become second nature and as they do so your riding will improve even further as will your enjoyment of riding.

You could offer to lead a DWDAM ride - we will give help and support  

You could become more involved - such as a committee member

You could do an IAM Skills Track Day - really recommended

Aim towards the next level - IAM Masters

Or perhaps you would like to pass on what you have learned and train to be an Observer.  Four DWDAM members have just embarked on this journey...............

Observers' Training Update - September 2014


DWDAM held an induction day for potential Local Observers on 26 July 2014. The event, held at Clay Pigeon, Southern Counties Lodge, Wardon Hill, Evershot, Dorchester. DT2 9PW, was an unqualified success. The event was primarily advertised amongst the Full members and six indicated their interest with four attending on the day.


The Induction day was divided into two separate am / pm sessions. The am session, which commenced at 8.30am, consisted of a classroom based PowerPoint Presentation theory session given by Senior Observer Brian Purnell. Subjects covered included the attributes required, key objectives, eligibility, Local Observer assessment criteria, route to becoming a qualified Local Observer, Local Observer coaching guidelines, commitments, briefing / debriefing techniques and a brief on the key components of the Skill for Life training programme.


The afternoon session consisted of practical on road riding sessions. It gave the candidates the opportunity to practice briefing and debriefing techniques whilst undertaking two observed rides. For this session, the candidates were assisted by three Group Observers (Senior Observer Alan Bushaway, Group Observers' Martin Eldridge and Jeremy Weekes). The routes and Observer allocation were explained during the first theory session. The last ride of the day consisted of a demonstration ride undertaken by each candidate. The Induction day finished with a course wash up at 3.30pm.

The Observer Sub-Committee met on 3rd September to discuss the results of the induction day and confirmed the selection of all four candidates (John Henshaw, John Laffan, Graham Pinney and Peter Robbins)  for the Local Observer training programme. This is excellent news as having an annual ongoing recruitment programme aimed at the selection of suitable, quality candidates for Local Observer assessment, is essential to the continued success of DWDAM. The Observer Sub-Committee wishes to congratulate all four candidates on their selection. An Observers training day was held on Saturday 13th September at Southern Counties Shooting (Clay Pigeon) DT2 9PW when all four trainee Local Observers attended along with other Group Observers.


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