Test Pass - Andy Orchard

Congratulations to Andy Orchard who passed his IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Test Saturday 20 April 2019.

Another great pass for the DWDAM Observer Team.  Congratulations also to Andy's Observers: Peter Robins and Brian Purnell, who also conducted Andy's Pre Test Ride Check

That's Test pass Number 5 for 2019.  



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Test Pass - Ian Ferguson
Congratulations to Ian Ferguson who passed his @IAMRoadSmart ARC test on Sunday 18 Aug. Thanks to @DWDAM_News National Observer Linda Ashmore for guiding Ian to test standard and conducting his pre test ride check.


Test Pass - Nick Marsden
Congratulations to Nick Marsden who passed his @IAMRoadSmart ARC test Saturday 17 Aug. Thanks to @DWDAM_News Observer Alan Bushaway for guiding Nick to test standard, and to @dorsetbikeEXcop for our 3rd test pass in 2 days!


F1RST Test Pass - Duncan Cooper
It's a F1RST! Congrats to Duncan Cooper on achieving a @IAMRoadsmart F1RST in heavy rain yesterday afternoon, with dedicated examiner @dorsetbikeEXcop. Thanks to Duncan's Observer Graham Pinney and Nat Observer Kelvin Latham for pre test ride


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