Test Pass - Ian Buckingham

Congratulations to Ian Buckingham who passed his IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Test Saturday 22 Dec.

The second pass of the day for the DWDAM Observer Team.  Congratulations also to Ian's Observer Graham Pinney who conducted only 4 Observed Rides with a Pre Test Ride conducted out by Brian Purnell

That's Test pass Number 14 for 2018.  


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Test Pass - Phil Parmiter
Very many congratulations to Phil Parmiter who passed his @IAMRoadSmart Advanced Riding Test Sat 23 Mar 19 with a F1RST pass. Congrats to Observer Ray Pering and NO Kelvin Latham who carried out pre-test check ride.


Test Pass - Shane Hann
Congratulations to Shane Hann who passed his IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Test Sunday 10 February 2019 with a F1RST Pass. Well done also to Local Observer Graham Pinney and National Observer Kelvin Latham who carried out the Pre-Test Ride Check.


Test Pass - Hunter Fagan
Our first @IAMRoadsmart Advanced Rider Course Test Pass for 2019. Congrats to Hunter Fagan and newly qualified @DWDAM_News observer @Waveringwafu on guiding his first associate to full membership.


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