Test Pass – Gareth Jones

Congratulations to Gareth Jones who passed his IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Test Wednesday 17 Oct 2018.  From the photos, it seems that it was getting rather dark as the test concluded!

Congratulations also to Gareth's Observer Jeremy Weekes. Another great pass for the DWDAM Observer Team; that’s test pass number 10 this year.


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Test Pass - Gareth Jones
Another @IAMRoadsmart Advanced Rider Course Test Pass for 2018 - That's test Pass 10 this year. Congrats to Gareth Jones and @DWDAM_News observer @jeremy_weekes.


Test Pass - Dave Cake
Another @IAMRoadsmart Advanced Rider Course Test Pass for 2018. Congrats to Dave Cake and @DWDAM_News observer Kelvin Latham.


Slow Riding Day - Sunday 13 Oct - POSTPONED
Due to the worsening weather forecast and in the interest of safety, @DWDAM_News Slow Riding Day is postponed.


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