9 doughty riders, one pillion and Bob, Neil's dog, joined the ride out today for Nick Heape's first ride out lead ........... would they ever be seen again some might have asked!!

137 miles later those that had not peeled off on the return from Compton Abbass, returned safely to Dorchester.


We left Dorchester at a welcomed later time of 10.,30 and rode to Old Sarum Airfield for lunch via the Piddle Valley, Cheselbourne, Ansty, Bulbarow, Winterborne Stickland and on to Blandford.

From Blandford to Old Sarum Airfield via Salisbury and past Old Sarum Castle for 12.00 pm and lunch. The place was buzzing and many people were paying good money to be put in a plane, strapped to someone with a parachute and thrown out from a great height. And they say motorcycling is madness!!

Anyway, it provided suitable amusement whilst we enjoyed lunch outside.

1pm we progressed  to Compton Abbass via  A345 to Amesbury, A 342 to Conock and B3098 to Market Lavington and then the A360 toward Salisbury and past the Stonehenge visitors centre.

A wide sweep above Stonehenge with some pretty villages and then sweeping roads past tank ranges. Well, at one point there were plenty of tanks and yellow posts!!

Continuing on the A360 to Wilton, we connected with the A30 and continued down to the turn off to Tollard Royal and Compton Abbass. Worth noting at this point that on a June Schools half term Sunday, when parts of Dorset were very busy, we had only needed to overtake a handful of cars in over 100 miles there was so little traffic!

Tea and cake for ( some ... well one!!) and we headed home sort of independently to get back about 4pm ish.

Good ride. 95 % dry roads. One brief spotty shower and some threatening clouds.


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