Bikers Skills Day!

Sunday 21st May 2017: 1000 -1630 at Weymouth College, choice of many workshops

Weymouth College, Cranford Avenue, Weymouth, DT4 7QL

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The 2017 Bikers Skills Day is being run for everyone regardless of experience, bike or gender, a 50cc moped to a 1500+cc bike, and there will even be something for learners.  You will be able to choose three of the six workshops on offer. In addition, there will be £100 worth of motorcycle vouchers to be won during the day. Refreshments and a light lunch are included. It is being organised by Dorchester & West Dorset Advanced Motorcyclists (DWDAM) and is sponsored by Dorset County Council, Road Safety.      

Whatever your level of riding, do you consider others on the road?  Do you have the skills to anticipate and avoid their, “Sorry I didn’t see you,” moments?  That’s what Advanced Riding is all about.  In addition, it’s interesting to note that riders, however experienced, who have taken the Advanced Riding Course say that they now enjoy their riding even more. Also  “I used to look but now I see,”  “I can anticipate the other idiots on the road,”  “I feel safer in traffic and seem to be able to negotiate traffic and flow through it much quicker.”  “Cornering is so much easier, I feel totally in control whatever speed I’m doing,” are just some of the comments made.

Workshop 1 - Assessed Ride

Have a chance to put into practice what you learned in the morning talk on Advanced Riding by going out with a trained IAM RoadSmart Observer.  It will give you a taster of an IAM Advanced Riding Course.  Advanced Riders can say, “I am an above average rider!”

Workshop 2 - Bike Handling & Slow Riding

How to walk your bike, balance it, manoeuvre it on the side prop and talk about lifting a dropped bike.  Slow riding will hone your skills at handling your bike at low speeds, whether in a straight line or round a slalom course.

Workshop 3 - Bike Maintenance

Alaric from South Coast Motorcycles will tell you all that you need to do on a day to day, month to month or prior to riding to keep your bike safe and prolong it’s life.  What to look for and simple bike maintenance you can do yourself.

Workshop 4 - Motorcycle Tyres

Graham from Continental Tyres will explain all the markings on a tyre, the different choices of tyres to be made and how to get the best performance out of them.

Workshop 5 - Adventure Riding

What is involved should you wish to travel to Europe or far flung places in the world.  Given by two intrepid ladies who have covered literally hundreds of thousands of miles throughout the world in the past few years. Plus, an insight into how motorcycles save lives around the world.

Workshop – 6 Biker Down! (This will count as two workshops)

Would you know what to do?  Given by experts in this field for Accident Scene Management and First Aid for the biker. 

Cost: £20 per person to include refreshments and a light lunch to be paid at the time of booking.

See application form for further details. Note: Early Bird bookings only £15.00 until the 31st March

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