Bradford on Avon

Nine intrepid riders turned out on a very grey day.  Thick fog on the route via both Weymouth and Yeovil to Top of Town Car Park did not bode well.

However, briefing completed - off we went - well almost.  Adrian Meade had a flat tyre - yes Geoff was there but assured us he had been no where near Adrian's bike !!  Despite a close inspection and the loan of Martin's pump Adrian decided to limp home to find out what the problem was - so then there were eight.

We seemed to leave the fog behind and there was only a slight drizzle.  Martin had picked a route with as many bends as possible and we all enjoyed the route up, albeit, needing to avoid small floods on our side of the road from time to time on the A352 shortly after leaving Dorchester. 

Once out of Dorset the roads became dry and at one point we almost saw the sun, well perhaps not but it appeared to get brighter ! We enjoyed a good pace apart from one 'shortcut' that took us along a road frequented by farm vehicles, so choosing the best bit of the road ro ride in was in order.

Arriving at the Cafe at Bradford-on-Avon, coffees and bacon butties were the order of the day.

A completely different route home, again with some good riding roads.  It was both windy and windy (no that's not a 'typo') going over Salisbury Plain on the A350.  The only rain we saw all day, was a light shower as we approached Puddletown, but it was dry again by the time we were back at the Top of Town car park.

Thanks, Martin for organising the trip.

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