Brean Down Beach

At long last a dry day with the sun either out or behind a milky haze all day.  The temperature even crept into double figures at times.

ITwelve bike and their riders, some very new and others somewhat older !t was a ride of the old and new.  An eclectic selection of twelve bikes.  Some spanking new, some rather older and likewise with their riders, two new members and a sprinkling of old hats !

A good ride there through English villages, many of them very old and picturesque and others rather newer.   Arriving at Brean Down Cove Beach we found the old Cafe  had a new first floor dining area overlooking the beach so bacon butties, full English breakfasts and mega breakfasts were eaten in comfort.

The ride back was even better, going via Cheddar  Gorge and some B roads via Shepton Mallet and Sherbourne.  The only down side was a road closure and a slight pause to re-set the route, then the comfort stop at a fuel station, carefully planned, but unfortunately it was closed.  

Some amusement for us, and total  embarrassment for a  ‘boy racer’ in matching blue bike and leathers as he shot past us to wait at the traffic lights (on the wrong side of the road), only to stall his bike and then not able to find a gear !!

All in all a lovely ride there and back to see how far it was – many thanks to Martin Eldridge for organising it.

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