MCN Motorcycle Show London

Three intrepid members (Brian Purnell, Jeremy Weekes & Neil Fuller) set off for the London Excel MCN Live MC show on Sunday 17th February at 7.45am with Brian leading.  The prevailing weather in Weymouth gave no indication of the thick freezing fog they were to meet on top of the Ridgeway reducing  visibility, in places, to between 100 and 200 yards.  This continued for much of the ride as the riders travelled through Dorset stopping at Wimborne and then again at Fleet Services for fuel stops.   At Fleet Neil took over to lead as it was decided to take a direct route through Central London and he is a frequent visitor to the city on his BMW R1200GS.  Leaving Fleet at 19.45am the group to arrived at ExCel at 11am.

With the bikes parked up, motorcycle clothing and helmets packed away, it was time for the show. The place was packed into one floor of the arena.  All the major motorcycle brands were represented with the new BMW R1200GS 125 hp air/ liquid cooled, twin cylinder four stroke boxer drawing much attention.  Jeremy managed to purchase a new helmet from a top brand at a bargain price, Neil visited the Ultimate Ear Plugs stand whilst Brian just collected brochures - perhaps looking for a bike which would suit his arthritic hips!  

Having spent a good few hours at the show it was decided to head home at 3.30pm with Brian leading.  Taking the southern M25/M3 route a few blushes reddened Jeremy’s cheeks  when he misjudged the attendants instructions and had a slight altercation with the barrier at the Dartford Bridge,  but no harm done!  Once over the Bridge and on to the M25, decent progress was made despite the proverbial M25 road works.  It was a cold ride back, except for Neil with his heated jacket,  with temperatures at best 3oC.  Many stops were made on the way back with all three riders eventually returning to Weymouth at around 8.30pm.  All in all a very good day out - 324 miles door to door.  

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