A Clockwise Your of Dorset

by Mamia ("Mammamia")

                                                I pitched up at the top of the town car park to meet up with crew of about twenty smiling, varied, diverse riders with all spectrum of experience. Introduction was presented with refreshing banter from Tony and we set off, on his guided trip around Dorset.

                                              As a'newby' I worked hard to impress the "chiefs" of the clan DooDAM, sorry I meant DawDAM, but apparently with my left foot downs and overuse of me break lights, my status was rather obvious - (ba..ards!)

Following Jim, the chief of all chiefs, I found myself observing a performance of a life-time. His impeccable, smooth riding skills are truly impressive. His bike seemed to hover above the ground with precision comparable to that of a F16 jetfighter.

                                                I met many other extremely impressive and friendly riders, one of which actually resembled Hercules and rode what can only be described as a truly Mammoth of a bike - GS Adventure 1200000000 cc, with a fuel tank that would circumnavigate the whole planet without having to stop !

                                                I enjoyed every second of this very well planned ride, however perhaps the most memorable of all was the ridiculous zig-zag road on the border with Wiltshire. I couldn't believe we were still in the UK, this road felt as though we had covered our journey in Andes. The only downside to the day, was it's end.                                                                                      Many, many thanks to Tony and all the crew who made this ride out possible (esp. Linda).

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