Potential Observer Introductory Evening

Open to Full members (i.e Passed the IAM Roadsmart Motorcycle Test) and partners.

Have you ever thought about becoming an Observer?  It is very rewarding, as you feel a great sense of achievement when you pass on riding skills to another motorcyclist.

To become an Observer you must be a full member, be willing to give up time to train and be trained.  On the whole this is done at a time that suits you.  Also you must be able to communicate with others in order to pass on your skills.

This evening event is where you will be able to find out exactly what is involved; training will commence after this event.

On completion of your training you will be an IMI Certified Local Observer.  If you wish, you can then go on and train to become a National Observer.

You are welcome to bring a partner to the evening event if you so wish; there will be an informal gathering afterwards.

If you have not yet made your mind up that is fine, please feel free to turn up on the evening.

If you wish to bring along your partner then feel free to do so.

If you are interested and require further information prior to the official Observer event, please contact Alan Bushaway (Chair of the Observer Sub Committee) Email: observers@dwdam.org.uk

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