Bike to Bike Radios - Frampton Arms, Moreton, Dorchester DT2 8BB

Wednesday 21 February: 7pm to 9pm in the Family Room

“Breaker Breaker 19, over”  ……  Things have moved on since the old CB days.  Now, bike to bike comms is a reality.

So thinking about getting a radio but:

  • Don’t understand terms such as PTT, PMR, UHF;
  • Don’t know what to say and when to say it;
  • Unsure of the legalities of radio transmissions;
  • Interested in bike to bike comms, but not sure how;
  • Not sure how far radios will communicate
  • What about antenna, radios, helmet headphones and microphone?


Then this evening talk is for you, where we will cover:

  • Introducing radios and how to use them 
  • Training with radios
  • Social riding using radios
  • Do’s and don'ts
  • Legal aspects 
  • Different types and bike lay out
  • We will also cover Observer use of radios and a small part on video camera use.

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