Snow, Rain, Leaves, Mud & Flood by Tony Thorpe

Avast I’m aghast an icy blast.

Howled across Rampisham masts.

The snow, it was inches deep, so to the clear bits we had to keep.

Across the top through Wynyard’s Gap.

Now just go steady there’s leaves and crap.



The nine brave souls steadfastly sped.

Linda, Geoff, Churchill and Ted .

Jude and Debs and Neil and the Sec.

Tony leading.... flippin heck!!



The rivers running fast and high.

Keep in first then by and by .

Just ford that torrent bow waves splashing.

This is great it’s bloomin smashin..!!



To Devon and back that was the plan

Bends and mud but to a man (and woman)

The mighty nine stayed snug and cheery

Arrived in Lyme now getting weary



Fish and chips at Colsons place

Just sit down and stuff yer face

A mug of Tea and mushy peas

Tony Colson he knows how to please.



Now where were you,?  You missed the fun

You don’t need dry, you don’t need sun

So come along next time we go

You might enjoy you never know!


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