Advanced Rider Theory Lessons

As part of the DWDAM Training Plan, a programme of IPSGA Theory Lessons is provided to supplement Observer-Led Observed Rides.

All associates must attend all 3 sessions, before being declared Test Ready. Associates can attend in any order, but must attend all 3 before their test.

The training sessions run a 3 month cycle and lessons are provided on a Wednesday and a Saturday to maximise opportunity  for attendance:

  • Cycle 1 - May/June/July;
  • Cycle 2 – Aug/Sep/Oct;
  • Cycle 3 – Nov/Dec/Jan;
  • Cycle 4 – Feb/Mar/Apr)   

An attendance certificate is provided at the end of each session for inclusion in the Log Book.


  • There are three presentation sessions of around 2 hour duration;
  • Each session covers different IPSGA lessons;
  • Each session is presented twice in a month, (Wednesday evening and Saturday morning) to allow maximum attendance;
  • There is no Observed Ride after each session, however, this does not prevent you and your Observer arranging to do so.

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May: Wednesday 15 May; Saturday 18 May

June: Wednesday 12 June, Saturday 15 June

July: Wednesday 10 July, Saturday 13 July

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Test Pass - Nathan Turner

Congratulations to Nathan Turner who passed his @IAMRoadSmart ARC test Friday 18 Oct 19 in atrocious weather. Thanks to @DWDAM_News Observers Graham Pinney and Alan Bushaway for guiding Nathan to test standard and to National Observer Kelvin Latham for conducting his Pre Test Ride Check.


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