Dorchester & West Dorset Advanced Motorcyclists (pronounced Dawdam) is dedicated to improving riding standards and promoting road safety for motorcyclists in Dorset.

Our aim is to get the most out of our motorcycling and enjoy a range of social and biking activities whilst improving our riding skills. We are an Institute of Advanced Motorists RoadSmart Official Provider and a key objective of the group is to bring riders up to the standard required for the IAM test.

According to research carried out by the IAM .... ADVANCED RIDING IS FUN !

  • 94% said it improved how they use road space
  • 94% said their riding is smoother
  • 90% said their riding is more conscious and less automatic
  • 61% said that it helped them avoid an accident and ……
  • 97% think that taking the advanced test has helped to increase the enjoyment they get from riding !

Whether you ride a Cruiser, Tourer, Commuter or Sports Bike, we cater for all roadbike styles and levels of experience... all we ask is that your bike is roadworthy and capable of motorway speeds. Whether you’ve just passed your motorcycle test, or have spent years chewing flies, we'll help you meet the challenge. Although the membership is predominantly male we have a growing number of female members and, of course, pillions are also welcome.

If you are interested in improving your skills, becoming more confident on the road or simply getting more enjoyment out of riding your bike then go to the Contact page, we would love to hear from you.

Test Pass - Sean Chedzoy

Another @IAMRoadsmart Advanced Rider Course Test Pass for 2018. Congrats to Sean Chedzoy who at 19 has passed his Advanced Rider Course, ably observed by @DWDAM_News observer Graham Pinney


Test Pass - Titch Davis

Another @IAMRoadsmart Advanced Rider Course Test Pass for 2018. Congrats to Titch Davis and @DWDAM_News observer Alan Bushaway.


Test Pass - David Brann

Another @IAMRoadsmart Advanced Rider Course Test Pass for 2018. Congrats to David Brann and @DWDAM_News observer Brian Purnell.


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