To Peter Robins who took and passed his Masters IAM Test on Saturday 31st October.  

Once you pass your IAM Advanced Test, that is when you really begin to learn as at this stage you know everything you should be doing and can do most of it to an acceptable standard most of the time.  However, needless to say all your skills are not embedded at that stage and if you continue to concentrate your ridding will continue to improve as will your enjoyment of riding.

Then, what's next?  There are a number of avenues: Coming on Group Rides. Leading a Group Ride. Attend an IAM Skills Day. Become a Committee member. (The group cannot function without a Committee.)  Thought about Observerving ? Or step up to the next level and that's where Masters comes in.  

For the test you need to show you know everything you should know, and be able to do everything you should do, without fault, and with aplomb and panache, on unknown roads for over an hour !

So well done again to Peter.


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