To Linda Ashmore, the first in the Group to have passed the Master Rider Test.  A ninety minute ride on unknown roads then a theory test on the Highway Code and Road Craft.

What do you do once you have passed your initial Advanced Test ? Firstly continue to improve your riding by embedding all the skills and knowledge you have aquired until it becomes second nature.  Join in the various Group Ride Outs and Events.  Then what - it's not always easy to continually monitor our riding, but every now and then (if not always !) we should have a ride and be super self critical.  What better way to do it than being followed by a Master Rider Mentor who will be looking at every minutiae whilst expecting you to be smooth, systematic and safe but also making good progress where ever possible, restraint where necessary and then having that added extra little bit of 'sparkle'.

The following diagram illustrates the possible avenues to follow once you have taken your test:  Be an active member within the group, aim towards a re-test and an F1st Pass, go for Master Rider, become an Observer, do an IAM Track Skills Day (highly recommended by the many DWDAM members who have attended these).  And, of course, the group will always take you out on an assessed ride and will, from time to time organise training events for full members.


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Test Pass - Steve Kershaw
Congratulations to Steve Kershaw who passed @IAMRoadSmart test this week. Congrats to observer Linda Ashmore; that's test pass 9 this year!


Test Pass - Chris Webber
Congratulations to Chris Webber who passed his @IAMRoadSmart test this week. Congratulations to observer @jeremy_weekes .


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